MOGRE (Managed OGRE) is an advanced .NET wrapper for OGRE. It can be used by C#, Visual Basic etc.

The "glue" code between C++ and .NET is developed using C++/CLI, which offers great flexibility and low-level control of how the wrapping should work. MOGRE goes beyond a plain wrapper: The OGRE classes are integrated into the .NET framework seamlessly (see OGRE-MOGRE interconnection).

The pure graphic rendering speed is similar to Ogre C++ applications, because the calculations are done by the same Ogre core library (written in C++) and the wrapped interactions are quite fast.

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IMPORTANT MOGRE has been discontinued. OGRE => 1.11.5 provides C# bindings directly as a component. (see release notes 1.11, sample in Ogre repository)

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Introduction & Installation

Get a little introduction to MOGRE and learn how to download and install it.




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Add-ons for MOGRE

Ogre/Mogre is only a (powerful) graphics library. But by use of add-ons and plug-ins it's easy to use more features in your application. For example GUI systems, sound, physics simulations, collision detection, terrain manager, AI, networking, special effects, etc.

Overview: Mogre Add-ons

Important add-ons are listed in the forum topic IMPORTANT LINKS.

Some tiny instructions how to wrap Ogre add-ons for Mogre using C++/CLI you find in this thread and on Wikipedia)