Mogre Maintainers        

This is a list of the current maintainers of Mogre. After GantZ retired as maintainer of Mogre, we decided there should be more than one maintainer for the project in the future. We hope this will ensure that there's always at least one person available, even when some maintainer have little time that they can put into the project.
We are still looking for people who like to take responsibility of some add-ons, so send a PM to the current maintainers if you like to help this project.

Mogre core maintainers

This is a list of core maintainers of the most important parts of Mogre. You may ask us questions any time and we try to keep Mogre up-to-date with the latest changes of Ogre.
We prefer questions in the forums over PM, so everybody will benefit from the discussions.

Mogre technical maintainer mstoyke Information (idle or retired)
Mogre documentation maintainer Beauty Information
Mogre tutorials maintainer amirabiri Information (idle)

Additional contributors

These are developers that are helping to improve the Mogre core wrapper by adding new features, cleaning up the code and help to support new Ogre versions and modules.

Module Contributor
Mogre wrapper manski

Mogre add-on maintainers

We are still looking for more people that help maintaining the add-ons. We will soon update this table with a list of all available add-ons and links to the related projects.

MogreFreeSL koirat, MaterialDefender
Miyagi GUI system smiley80
MogreNewt GantZ (retired, but still give support)
SkyX wrapper boyamer
other add-ons ?


Here is a list of people that have contributed to Mogre so far. If you have contributed in the past or are an active contributor for any Mogre related issues at the moment and your name is missing, just send a PM to Beauty or edit the page yourself.
Hall of fame