Mogre Roadmap        
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This is the development roadmap for the MOGRE project

The original Roadmap was made by Bekas, the creator of Mogre.

Current roadmap

  • 1.7.x
    • Test the wrapper better and create a stable build after beta
  • 1.8.x
    • Update Mogre to Ogre version 1.8.x
    • Wrap the new (since 1.7.x) terrain component
    • Wrap the new (since 1.7.x) paging component
  • In general
    • Apply bugfixes, proposals of the Mogre bugtracker
    • Linux/MacOS support ... Currently not possible, because:
      • Needs support of the Mono framework (.NET alternative)
      • Mogre currently uses the C++/CLI wrapping technique (not supported by Mono)
      • Mono needs an alternative wrapping technique (P/Invoke or CXXI)
      • It's very complicated to modify the (undocumented) autowrapper of Mogre

Old historical roadmap

  • 0.1.8
    • All Ogre demos ported to C# or VB.NET (Due to lack of time, porting of demos is put on hold, I'll concentrate on getting the 0.2 version out. If you want to contribute to this project, this is your chance ;) --Bekas 03:32, 30 October 2006 (CST))
  • 0.2.*
    • Ability to override Ogre classes and create .NET plugins
    • A C# port of Ogre's TerrainSceneManager for a proof of concept
  • 0.3.*
    • Mono support   (not possible with Mogre, because Mono doesn't support needed C++/CLI features)
    • Intellisense with Ogre class/method comments
    • .NET doc file   (unfortunatelly still not implemented, too)
  • 0.4.*
    • Optimization (seek and resolve possible speed or size issues)
  • 1.*
    • MOGRE is considered fully stable and complete. Subsequent releases will follow the version number of OGRE releases.