MogreNewt is a an add-on for Mogre, which offers physics functionality and collision detection.

Internally it contains the free, closed-source physics library Newton Game Dynamics (often just called Newton).
By use of the wrapper MogreNewt it's possible to use the Newton library with Mogre (.NET). MogreNewt is a port of OgreNewt, which is a wrapper for using Newton with Ogre (C++).

Precompiled files you find in some binary bundles:

It's also possible to compile MogreNewts by the tool MogreBuilder with the option -mogrenewt.
(Currently MogreBuilder doesn't do the whole build of MogreNewt. Look to the build instructions to perform the recent steps manually.)

Where to get help

When you need information how to do something with Newton or if you have problems by using Newton we would suggest this:

  • For general questions (how Newton works, its logic, etc.) you find good help in the external Newton forum.

  • For questions how to do something in interaction with Ogre (and Mogre), you can use the OgreNewt section of the Ogre Add-ons forum. There is a better chance to get an answer, because there are much more users who know to handle with Newton. In the Mogre section are not so much people with Newton knowledge (because C++ Ogre is more common).

  • For question which are specific for Mogre and MogreNewt a good place is this topic in the Mogre forum. It also contains code snippets.

A good help could also be:

Binary notes

Pre-compiled binaries

Most easy is to use precompiled binaries.
But for this it's important that the MogreNewt wrapper was build against the same Mogre version as used by for application. (To make it more clear with an example: When you use Mogre 1.7.3 with your application and a MogreNewt library, which was against Mogre 1.7.1 then you will get trouble.)
One way to avoid this problems: Usa a binary bundle, which still contains Mogre and MogreNewt. (e.g. Mogre 1.7.1 bundle by user Cygon)
An other way is to build MogreNewt yourself.

Build yourself

The sources you find inside of the MogreAddons repository in the subdirectory MogreNewt.
To download the sources, use TortoiseHG or run the MogreBuilder with the option "-mogrenewt".

Have a look to the file Build_instructions.txt (view online).

See also

Outdated information

These sections are foremost outdated, so they were moved to the bottom. Sorry that there is no fresh information on this wiki page.

Precompiled Binaries

You can find precompiled binaries of MogreNewt in the latest MOGRE SDK. You also need the 'Newton.dll' from the Newton Game Dynamics SDK 1.53. Install the Newton SDK and copy NewtonSDK\sdk\dll\Newton.dll to the OgreSDK\bin\debug and release folders.

For MogreNewt 2.0, you can find the SDK including binary here.


You can find the MogreNewt samples on MOGRE's SVN source on You will need a SVN client like TortoiseSVN to download the files.

For Newton 2.0 you will find the samples here

MogreNewt Source

The full SVN source of MogreNewt for Newton 1.53 is on

The current source of MogreNewt on SVN are for the Newton 2.10 beta
Or download the tarball archive here.

The Newton 2.0 library you find here:

For Windows use the newton.dll file from package subdirectory sdk\x32\dll_vs9. (even if you have 64 bit Windows, because MogreNewt by default compiles against this)

Building MogreNewt 2.0 For Mogre 1.4

The current version of MogreNewt 2.0 is for the 1.6 version of Mogre.

To compile it for the Mogre 1.4 version you need to edit OgreNewt_Body.cpp:

Add #include "OgreNoMemoryMacros.h" before Joint::Destructor in OgreNewt_Joint.cpp and Body::NewtonDestructor.

Also add #include "OgreMemoryMacros.h" after the same functions.

Known bugs MogreNewt 2.0