Myrddin Landscape Plugin        
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Click image for big screenshot

This is a paging landscape plugin (and editor) by user myrddinson.

It is a largely modified version of the Ogre Terrain Scene Manager.

The Landscape Plugin can used by Ogre and Mogre.

The editor will just work with Mogre.

Many nice screenshots are in the forum. Look here, here and here.

Forum topics:

Development state for plugin: 80% ... state of July 2009

Development state for editor: 20% ... state of July 2009

License for plugin: LGPL license

License for editor: sold separatly under shareware license

Note: After creating this wiki page nobody was interested to update its content. (lazy people!) So look to the forum threads for further information and the current development state.

Currently implemented features:

  • terrain splatting (up to 8 layers per page, 3 layers max per pass)
  • slope/ground auto-splatting (optional)
  • normal/parallax mapping
  • offset/parallax mapping
  • integrated light map (color added to ambient color)
  • integrated color map (color modulated with diffuse color)
  • specular lighting (per layer specular color or specular color map and/or specular color mask)
  • emissive lighting (per layer emissive color or emissive color map)
  • optional per-layer diffuse and specular color
  • support for point/directional/spot light(s) (only one per pass?)
  • integrated fog
  • integrated shadows
  • LOD mipmapping and geomorphing
  • paging (seamless or not, streaming)
  • water plane(s) (refraction/reflection, sky and sun reflection, deep sea fog)
  • dynamic sky (fullscreen sky quad, realtime atmospheric lighting computation, procedural clouds, night sky box, moon billboard, sun glow)
  • dynamic fog (realtime atmospheric haze)
  • HDR/Bloom post-processing compositors
  • smooth interpolation from full effects to low effects at far range using material lods
  • runtime-built splatting/water/dynamic sky/haze materials
  • extended splatting materials (custom materials that can be mixed with plugin splatting materials in order to add custom splatting effects: for instance LandscapeSplatting/DepthShadowMap/Integrated)
  • vs_3_0/arbvp1 and ps_3_0/arbfp1 shader support
  • editing features : heightmap, color map, light map and splatting map painting, external heightmap import and mosaic generator
  • plugin commands (using SetOption/GetOption SceneManager commands)
  • enchanced shaders
  • xml config file support
  • actually no underwater rendering

Planned features for version 1.0:

  • GLSL shaders
  • some GetOption plugin commands
  • support/compatibility for MOgre/Ogre 1.6.0
  • SDK install wizard


The MLP has an SDK. It contains terrain sample data and demo sources (for both Ogre and Mogre) in order to test at once plugin:
Please note that terrain and splatting paint brushes are available only in Mogre demo, not in Ogre demo.
(but of course you can use them in your own app or modify Ogre demo)


A first demo you find in (click Télécharger ce fichier for download)

You will need Microsoft .NET framework 2.0.

extract and run Demo.exe or alternatively run one of the Demo*.bat

If the program exit and complains about missing MSV*.dll, run included vcredist_x86.exe.

Press F1 for help in the demo.

Keep in mind that it is a demo and so there are still bugs...

Here is a list of bugs/artifacts that i know yet:

  • minor water plane depth fighting glitches
  • sun reflection need to be more realistic
  • small freezes when camera page changes due to page loading: need to implement multithread async streaming yet
  • minor shadowmap deph fighting

This demo is for personal use only.
MOgre and OGRE main sites can use it for free for showcase.

Alias: Myrddin_Landscape_Plugin