Comparison of GUIs        
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List of GUIs

* Unofficial but reported as working by users. Official support is planned.


Supported Widgets

* Created from basic elements via Javascript
** Can use anything Macromedia Flash/Flex can

Other Features

* Optional, disabled by default.
** In v0.7 or later.
*** In v0.7.2 or later.
Cache To Texture: Widgets contained within a window are rendered to a texture when they need updating. When no updating occurs, the whole window is rendered as a single quad thus providing optimal performance.

Batching: Widgets are grouped together into a single render operation instead of rendering each widget as a separate render operation. This reduces the time taken to render.

Animation: Animated widgets, look changes over time (e.g. button smoothly changing color on rollover, etc...)

Scripting: Some form of scripting language (e.g. Lua, Javascript, Python, etc...) can be used to handle events.

Custom Widget: Allows the user to define their own widgets to supplement the supported widget set.

Layout from file: Possibility to load GUI layout from file instead of creating each widget in code.

Multicoloured text: Possibility to colour different parts of text with different colours.

64 bit support: GUI works on 64 bit's platforms.

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