OGRE Studio        

Author: Phillip J. 'pjcast' Castaneda

Project: External Project (Wrecked Games)

Type: Standalone Application

Supported Platforms: Windows

Sources: OGRE Studio SVN - contains everything needed to compile

Project state: development stopped in 2007 (forever)

Ogre Studio is a complete DCC tool/editor for use with the OGRE engine. Ogre Studio is a modular, plugin based DCC tool that allows graphical scene editing, text/script editing with syntax highlighting and remote debugging support and many more features.

Libraries used:

  • C# .Net 2.0
  • Mogre
  • Ogre
  • MagicLibrary (For form docking)
  • DotNetFireball (Code Editor / Syntax Highlighting)

Currently Supports / Features:

  • Plugin Interface (Only Main IDE and Ogre window are part of the actual core - all functionality is added via plugins)
  • DotScene Loading (70% complete)
  • A Small sceneviewer window - Shows the the scene graph (Nodes, Entities, and lights only currently)
  • Embeds an Ogre Window into a winform's tab (and is updated real time when the window is viewable)
  • Dock/move/hide/float windows
  • Syntax highlighting and cold folding for many formats (.cpp, .xml, etc), plus option for BreakPoint setting's (via DotNetFireball editor window)

Questions, comments, feature requests, bug reports, etc are always appreciated. You can comment here or in the OGRE Studio Forums. Please report any bugs you find on the Bug Tracker. You can upload patches to the bug tracker as well.