Building Ogre         How to build Ogre and/or your own projects using Ogre
IMPORTANT: These instructions are meant to be used with old releases of Ogre. For Ogre 1.10+, rather use

Building OGRE From Source
For developers with more experience, building OGRE from source is usually the more attractive option. For some, it is the only option as prebuilt binaries are not available. Source provides the fastest access to bug fixes and allows the developer to debug any aspect of their code or OGRE. It is also necessary for contributing patches.
Info As of version 1.7 (Cthugha), the Ogre project uses CMake as its primary build system. See Building Ogre Shoggoth for previous versions.

For the latest stable code (all platforms), you can check out the source from Mercurial.
If using windows, you might also want to read a quick guide about getting the sources with tortoisehg, a windows client.

The actual stable revision is always in a specific branch, e.g. "v1-8" for Byatis, and not the default branch. The 'default' branch is the latest unstable version and is not fully API-compatible with the stable stream, and may have temporary issues. Recommended only for experienced developers.

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What you need to build Ogre from source.
IMPORTANT: These instructions are meant to be used with old releases of Ogre. For Ogre 1.10+, rather use

For the impatient: Learn how to build Ogre with CMake in two minutes. If you encounter any problems or need some more advanced procedures, do read the rest of the sections below!

This section explains how to use CMake to build Ogre from source.

This section introduces you to CMake and explains the concepts as well as how you can get and use CMake.

This is an introduction to using cmake to build your own Ogre projects. For more detailed information about cmake, refer to the official site.

IMPORTANT: These instructions only work with old releases of Ogre.

For recent versions of Ogre, please follow the Doxygen Instructions.

For developers: Working with and extending Ogre's CMake build system

This section describes in some detail how Ogre's CMake build system works and how you can extend it. This is meant for developers who may need to add source files or entire targets to the build system.

This section contains a list of detailed build guides for specific configuration and scenarios meant as addition to the standard guides already provided for the use with CMake.
Building Ogre with boost 1.50 upwards and MinGW

Alias: Building With CMake
Alias: Building_With_CMake
Alias: Building From Source
Alias: Building_From_Source