Contractors         People and companies who can provide useful services to Ogre-related projects
Contractors and Service Providers
This page contains a list of people and companies who can provide useful services to Ogre-related projects, such as contract development, consultancy and support.

Legal Disclaimer: Contractors listed here are independent and have no affiliation with the OGRE project. Anyone may add their details here and accuracy of statements is entirely the responsibility of the poster. Any business conducted between clients and contractors is purely between the parties involved and is not endorsed or supported by the OGRE project.

Pavel Rojtberg

Can provide: Consultancy, contract development, support.

Location: Germany

Forum Name: paroj

Contact: pavel.rojtberg at

Resumé summary: Ogre 1.x development lead

Ahmed Ismaiel Zakaria

Can provide: contract development, support.

Location: Redmond, United States

Forum Name: ahmedismaiel

Contact: ahmed_ismaiel at

Resumé summary: OGRE user since 2003, Commited to Demonstrate & Establish Integrations Between Ogre and Other Commercial Libraries including "SpeedTree" ,"ScaleForm GFX","BinkVideo" ,"dPVS" ,"ATI Tootle" ,"AI Implant" ,"Ageia PhysX" and Proof OGRE's abilities to compete and create AAA Games. He has 3 years professional experience in software development.

Darkwind Media

Can provide: contract development, consultancy, support

Location: Rochester, New York, United States

Forum Name: praetor

Contact: praetor(at)

Resumé summary: Joined the core Ogre development team in 2007. Started Darkwind Media the same year as an interactive multimedia contracting studio. Our unique set of tools and platforms built on top of Ogre allows us to rapidly develop 3D applications. Our rapid development capabilities allow us to keep at the edge of gaming technology, and our specialty is adapting the latest techniques to non-gaming industries. We have experience in medical and scientific visualizations, training and education applications, and architectural visualization.


Mediaguild UG

Can provide: Online distribution, producer consultancy, contract development

Location: Velbert, Germany

Forum Name: SunSailor

Contact: Andreas.Podgurski(at)

Resumé summary: After several years in the game industry, I started my own business last year. I'm providing an online distribution platform, which covers sales, support and deployment. As I'm using OGRE for my own game project, I can provide a toolchain to directly connect your game with my platform. Yet, my platform is web based only, but our deployment client will be available in the 2nd quarter 2010. I'm looking for some more reference projects. I'm planning to extend the system with features for multiplayer games, like match making, clan management and a ladder system.

Murat Sari

Can provide: Consultancy, contract development, support.

Location: Austria

Forum Name: wolfmanfx

Contact: murat.sari at

Rakesh Jadav

Can provide: Consultancy, contract development, support, plugin developement

Location: India

Forum Name: rakeshj

Contact: rakeshcjadav at
Resumé summary: Working on Ogre since 2009, Implemented PICOVICO : A Slideshow Maker using Ogre3D, Worked on RTS games 'APOX' and 'Tryst' as Graphics Developer, Expert at GLSL, HLSL shaders, Game Design, Project Architecture.

Links: LinkedIn Profile APOX Tryst

Lee Sandberg

Can provide: An alternative renderer for Ogre, through a plug-in that enables simple to use hardware occlusion queries and early z out for Ogre.
Lee also provides a scene manager plug-in that allows seamless mixing of in- and outdoor scene managers for fully dynamic destructable levels.

Contact: colorod(at)

Resume summary: Lee has worked as a technical artist lead and 3D programmer on Unreal 3 FPS MMOs and FPS MMO soccer games for international game companies. His has been developing these plug-ins and the low level hardware occlusion query support that comes with Ogre for a couple of years.