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ODE physics wrapper for Ogre


A Jeep driving in the Landscape Demo
The SimpleScenes Ragdoll demo showing several ragdolls

OgreODE is an Open Dynamics Engine (ODE) wrapper, originally written by "monster". ODE is available here
This physics wrapper supports all ODE primitives, and adds some prefab object like vehicles and ragdoll support,
There are currently both Linux and Win32 versions available.

OgreODE is in the ogreaddons SVN repository.

This physics wrapper is now available for Dagon 1.2 (also 1.2.2) and you can download it from Tuan Kuranes site.
(Win32 binary Demo installer, Source SDK installer or Source Zip available)

Also, a newer version compatible with Eihort 1.4 (up to 1.4.5 for now) is available from CVS.

Check it's own Forum for news.

In the source download version we can find three tutorials:

  • Simple scene: a simple file show us all function inside OgreODE (primitives collisions, joint, ragdolls, car)
  • Landscape: The usage of [[Terrain Scene Manager]] in OgreODE
  • Racing tutorial (called GranTurismOgre): A demo of racing done with OgreODE (car + {LEX()}trimesh{LEX})

The ODE wiki also includes useful information.

Below is step by step guiding how to understand and use OgreODE.
Also be sure to check http://www.ode.org/ ODE website which is full of documentation, info, and a very active mailing list for all ODE specific issues.

About the library

OgreODE, basic theory - OgreODE and ODE: license, basics and integration
Compile OgreOde with Visual C++ or Compile OgreOde with Code::Blocks
Compile OgreODE with GNU Make
Compile and run OgreOde on iPhone

Start developing

First steps with OgreODE - initializing, steppers, primitives
Creating advanced bodies, casting rays in OgreODE
Using terrain with OgreODE
Physically correct character models with OgreODE
OgreOde Walking Character - the capsule and sphere model
OgreOde Camera - OgreODE 3rd Person Camera
TriangleMeshRayListener Demo - creating raycast characters, vehicles, etc.
Using OgreOde prefabs - vehicles, ragdolls, etc.

Advanced Topics

OgreOde Collision Handling - One way to handle collisions in OgreODE and add special behavior to your objects.


Ninja Walking Character - example for Demo_SimpleScenes


For Mogre you can use OdeNet.