Mogre XML commentation tool        

User smiley80 wrote a tool which creates the XML comments file (Mogre.xml) from Mogre.dll and the Doxygen XML output of Ogre. Including this file in a Mogre project shows comments for Mogre members in Visual Studio.

Also this tool can create comments for the MogreNewt physics library.

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Integration into Visual Studio

Just download the file(s) and put them into your binary directories of your C# project (bin/Debug and bin/Release).

Direct download:

Tool usage

Running the tool is only necessary if you want to create the documentation of a newer Mogre or MogreNewt version.


How to use the tool to create a new Mogre.xml file from a new Mogre.dll:

  1. Download and compile the MogreXml source code
  2. Download Ogre's header files (e.g. from the current Ogre SDK)
  3. Download and install Doxygen
  4. Run doxywizard.exe
    1. Set the working and the destination directory to some temp folder
    2. Set the source code directory to the folder with Ogre's header files
    3. Enter 'ogre' as the project name and '1' as the project ID
    4. Uncheck 'html' and 'latex' output and check 'xml'
    5. Run Doxygen
  5. Create a new folder in the output folder of MogreXml (i.e. Debug) and name it 'xml'
  6. Copy 'namespace_ogre.xml' and all files that start with 'class_ogre' or 'struct_ogre' from the Doxygen's destination folder to the newly created folder
  7. Copy Mogre.dll and OgreMain.dll to the output folder of MogreXml
  8. Open the command prompt and navigate to the output folder of ''MogreXml'

Command line usage:

MogreXml.exe <AssemblyPath> <NativeNamespace> <ManagedNamespace> [options]


-d:Directory Directory that contains the doxygen XML files (default is ".\xml\")

Create Mogre comments:

MogreXml.exe .\Mogre.dll Ogre Mogre

Create MogreNewt comments:

MogreXml.exe .\MogreNewt.dll OgreNewt MogreNewt

Note: You'll probably get warnings, that the encoding in some files is wrong. Open those files in a text editor, in the header change utf-8 to utf-16, save the file as utf-16 (little endian) and run MogreXml again.

Alias: Mogre_XML_commentation_tool