As a professional game developer, mstoyke was involved in the development of many commercial games. An overview of these projects can be found at his developer page at mobygames. He currently is lead developer of the network engine and MMO middleware tinCat here.

After GantZ retired as maintainer of Mogre in 2010, mstoyke decided to take part in Mogre development as technical maintainer. The only requirement for him to take the position is that the responsibilities for maintaining Mogre is split between him and other maintainers. This will make sure that Mogre will be maintained properly, even though he has only little time left among taking care of his job and his family.

He created a new Mercurial repository at where all further development of Mogre will take place and provides another code repository at bitbucket where a bunch of code can be found to use Mogre with MyGUI, PhysX and SlimDX. For further information check the Mogre forums.


In the 1980's he started coding on the famous C64 and Amiga computers, learning 6510 and 68k assembly. Later, in the 1990's, he got his first PC and quickly got used to 80x86 assembly and C/C++ using the Watcom compilers. Finally, in 2001, mstoyke decided to stop working on boring database applications and started working in the games industry as a professional game developer.

He used Ogre since the 0.13 release and later switched C#, first with OgreDotNet and Axiom, later with Mogre as it became the only available option to use the latest Ogre versions in .NET applications.