Projects using MOGRE        

If you have a project that you're working on using MOGRE, feel free to add a reference to it here. Link to your homepage, give us an overview of the project, whatever.


  • Image YAT - Yet Another Tetris clone - Port of the C++ YAT to C# using MOGRE
  • Graffiti Falls and Rapid Runner - Two games, based around the same art assets. All code and art sources are free to use.
  • Image Wings of Fury 2 - Remake of classical arcade shooting game with modern 3d graphics. The new version Wings of Fury 2: "Return of the legend" has been released recently. It's available for free.
  • MUD TV - In this commercial game you are a manager of a TV station.
  • Ponykart - Kart racing game with ponies. Will be free when finished.
  • Dungeons - Strategy game where you build up a dungeon to attract and captivate heros. It uses Miyagi as GUI system.


Incredible Sims allows you to realistically simulate real-life environments, processes and work-flow. The toolkit helps train personnel using video game techniques - commonly known as Serious Gaming.


  • Ogre Studio - pjcast's visual editor for Ogre
  • KiteSwap Editor - A software to write movement of a kite when it flys, and simulate kites Ballet (under development)
  • MOGRE Editable Terrain Manager


  • ImagoDotNet - Complete and expandable object-oriented game engine using C# and IronPython (currently no code release, but still working... might take a while)
  • Imperial Engine - Game engine for creating difficult game projects and high-real simulations.(Coming soon first release and new community)
  • OpenMB(Kingdom&Knights) - a role-playing game engine which recreate M&B game play, default mod will show the war between Skware and Meson's Order


  • Image
    CViewVR - a visualization environment for underwater vehicles which are navigated by external behavior simulators (e.g. implemented with Matlab). Also the software simulates sonar data to give a feedback to the simulators (if they need).