THIS IS A WIP PAGE!!!!, CURRENTLY EXPERIMENTAL !!!!, Sorry if there is some wrong info. And if you think my English sucks, thats because its my secondary language (I'm a master of excuses).

There are many things that appear on Ogre forums and get buried deep. Some things may have no importance for one person may be very important to other person. Thats why I created this page to collect & highlight such things. Usually accidentally or intentionally searching forums will reveal some interesting things, so this page is here to help people discover interesting things. Use Search for more related information.

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Discover People

Most of these people have to maintain more than one ogre specific projects at a time.

A little more detailed info should be added to each person.

Ogre is only a graphics engine but most of the following people have done & "maintain" a lot of projects gui, terrain, input & physics etc which gives ogre a boost. If you look at the past a few people of them started on projects like writing physics wrappers, gui system etc. Efforts made by these individuals helped spawned multiple projects. Like in early days we had 1 or 2 choices of physics wrappers but then came many, we had few choices for Gui now we have many and the list goes on...

  • Crazy Eddie
    • Made the first proper GUI system (CeGui) for ogre.

  • Jacmoe
    • Very good forum helper. Have tendency to adopt any leftover project into OgreConglo ;).
    • Created OgreConglo. Maintainer of OgreOpcode, Ogre AppWizards, OgreSteer.

  • Kencho
    • Created Caelum

  • Tuan Kuranes
    • website
    • Developer of PLSM, OgreOde, OgreBullet. Also host a lot of Ogre related demos/sources.

  • pjcast
    • wreckedgames
    • Created OIS which become Ogre(eihort+) new dependency. Developer of OgreStudio and WGE.
    • Made first usable video plugin for ogre "Ogre Theora Plugin".

  • Sinbad / stevestreeting
    • blog
    • The founder of project Ogre, WorldMinion.

  • walaber
    • Developer of OgreNewt, did some Wii stuff.
    • Made excellent games/projects including StuntPlayground, Trampoline and others.

  • Monster
    • The one who first brought the idea of automatic StaticGeometry.

  • Psyclonist
    • The people behind dotScene format. Now running YAKE.

  • Pjcast
    • Coded the OctreeSM and OctreeMesh Converter.


  • Monster
    • One of the early people to write good physics engine wrappers. Initiated projects like OgreOde & GangstaWrapper made some 3d remake of retro games games ref.

History ideas

  • GameEngines 200?:

Oises was the first known attempt to make a general purpose game engine using Ogre by BadCamel. Then Mage & Yake. Mage was more an experimental game engine combining Ogre & Irrlicht. While both Oises & Mage were history Yake still is the longest surviving engine in development.

  • OgrePorts: Discuss Axiom.

  • OgreWrappers: Discuss pyOgre, ogre-python.

  • Physics:

  • Ragdolls:

    • Sound Libs:


Other ideas

A monthly report/summary of activities ? So people can have an idea what important things happened last month.