This article is a reference for notes specific to building OGREODE on linux with GNU Make. The main note to remember is that the demo applications need to be built with the headers and media files in the 'Samples' folder of the OGRE source installation.


These examples were tested with OGRE v1.6.3, libODE 0.11.1, and OGREODE from SVN on 20090822. OGREODE was extracted to the base OGRE source at 'ogre/ogreaddons/ogreode'

Run the autogen.sh script if you downloaded from SVN

$ cd ogre/ogreaddons/ogreode (or wherever you installed)
 $ sh autogen.sh

The '--with-samples=' option is important to match up to your OGRE source installation

$ ./configure --with-samples=../../Samples

If you get a bunch of errors on this step that start with 'ExampleApplication.h not found', you'll need to edit the '--with-samples=' path from the previous step.

$ make -j4 (or however many threads you want to use)

This is for making a slackware package, change this step according to your distribution.

$ su -c 'checkinstall -S --install=no'


  • If you're making an OGREODE package to install on other machines, you probably want to extract out the demos, and rebuild your package.


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