Compile OgreOde        


On this page you will find information for compiling OgreODE on windows from the most recent SVN(at revision 2847 at the time this article was created),Ogre 1.6.5, and the most recent SVN version of ODE.


First grab the latest ODE SVN and compile. To compile ODE using Visual Studios 2009 you must first create the project files with premake. To do this use windows commandline, and type the following.
$premake4 vs2008

The project files will then appear in this file. Open them up and hit build.

Compiling OgreODE

Now grab the latest OgreODE SVN, and copy your entire ode folder into the ogreode directly. Windows will prompt you if you would like to replace the existing "ode" folder, press yes.

Now if you have not already, download and install cmake. Run cmake-gui(the installation will most likely have put a shortcut in your start menu).

Set the "Where is the source code: " to point to your "ogreode" directory, and the build to "ogreode\build".

Now hit configure, then press generate. The appropriate Visual Studios files should now be present in "ogreode/build", open them up.
Next you need to define in your compiler whether to use the dSINGLE or dDOUBLE. To do this open up the configuration for ALL_BUILD, and under the build events->prebuild->commandline add "dSINGLE" or "dDOUBLE". The majority of you should use "dSINGLE". You should now be able to compile the "ALL_BUILD" project. Some of the projects will build perfectly, and for the others you will need to add "dSINGLE" to the preprocessor definitions.

Running the demos

Assuming everything was compiled succesfully, the demos should appear in "ogreode\build\bin\Debug" or "\release" accordingly. You may be able to find a more effective method for doing this, but I copied the .exe and the .dll files in this folder into my Ogre Samples folder.
"OgreSDK\bin\debug" if you are using the Ogre SDK. I then copied the media within "ogreode\demos\Media" directly into "D:\OgreSDK\media".

The demos should run flawlessly now from your Ogre Samples directory. Enjoy playing GranTurismOgre!


Congratulations, you have now a fresh version of OgreOde. Way to go! You're ready to implement it into your own applications. See Setting up an OgreODE application

For more information on using OgreODE please see First steps with OgreODE or have a look at the OgreODE home.