Ogitor is a Plug-In based WYSWYG editor environment for OGRE. It allows easy creation of scenes which can be loaded in an OGRE application for both rapid prototyping purposes and as final application content. The Ogre inspired plugin concept allows user to implement custom Ogre libraries to use them directly in Ogitor.
The default scene description format is the XML based ".ogscene" format but of course it is possible to provide and use custom importer/exporter plugins as well.

The primary focus of Ogitor in difference to other editor implementations is its plugin interface concept which allows the creation of custom plugable modules by users. This allows the addition of new features to Ogitor without changing the core. Obvious additional features are e.g. physic libraries, sound libraries, custom ogre scenemanagers, available Ogre plugins etc. Depending on the actual implementation it is possible to fully control these in Ogitor via properties directly.

Ogitor is using the Qt toolkit as its graphical interface.

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