Immediate Wiki Tasklist         What are we working on right now?
Ogre Head

A list of Ogre Wiki things which needs doing

If you want to help out, but don't know where to start, this page is for you. wink
Done Really Easy Things To-Do
  • Tag Pages
    You can do this without entering edit mode: use the 'Tags for this page' tool in the sidebar.
    Makes it a lot easier to find things.
  • Change links to Ogre Lexicon to using the LEX tag
    As of now, all lexicon links are just regular Wiki links.
    They need to be changed into using the LEX tag.
    See LEX wiki-plugin
  • Remove 'funny characters'
    The conversion from latin1 to utf8 made some characters 'weird'.
    Feel free to fix it.
  • Change initial headings from !! to !
    Lots of pages are using Heading 2 as the initial heading
    Should be changed to using Heading 1 (H1)
    Procedure: Remove one single exclamation (!) from all headers.
Done Minor Things To-Do
  • Give each page a description
    Descriptions are used for link descriptions and shown on the page itself.
    Saves typing and manual labour later.
    To track progress, use the TOC pages of the structures:
    TOC Tutorials, etc.
    See How do I give a page a description?
  • Fix Broken images
    Because Tiki is case sensitive (and MediaWiki is not) some of the images are broken.
    Usually, this can be fixed simply by capitalizing the first letter.
  • Fix anchor links
    should be:
    I.e. the double '##' is replaced by '|#'
    should be:
  • Fix Strange Syntax
    Some pages are not yet fully ported from MediaWiki - see Porting from MediaWiki
Done Important Things To-Do
  • Update Tutorials and other pages to current stable Ogre
    With your development environment ready, update the tutorials one by one to work with current stable Ogre, ie Cthugha (Ogre 1.7).
    When done - and you've checked that it actually works! please put the page in the 'current' category.
  • Update links to OGRE source repository
    CVS and SVN links are no longer valid; they need to be updated to point to the Mercurial source repository.
Done Wiki Bug Tracker To-do's
  • Do Ogre Wiki Bugtracker entries
    See if you can fix the issues in the Ogre Wiki Page Bug Tracker.
    Delete the entry when it's fixed.
Done Ongoing To-do (Maintenance)
  • Implement the Wiki Ideas
    If you want to add to the Ogre Wiki, you're welcome to look at the list of ideas to new wiki content.
Done Restructuring
  • Reorder pages in the structures to match the structure.
    Especially the Tools structure is in bad shape: Exporters needs to be moved under the exporters page.
Done Major Tasks
  • Tools structure
    Write better overview pages - hard to find things without watching the TOC.
  • Libraries structure
    Clean it up and write better overview pages.