Ogre Meshy        
NOTE: Ogre Meshy uses on an outdated version of OGRE. For a viewer based on the latest release that additionally supports many mesh formats, see ogre-meshviewer.


Ogre Meshy is a tool for viewing OGRE mesh files.
Its old name was wxOgreMeshViewer, because uses wxWidgets as GUI system.

Author: dark_sylinc
Type: Standalone Application
Supported Platforms: Windows, Linux


  • Display of detailed mesh propierties
  • Allows loading resources.cfg files to load multiple meshes & shaders at once
  • Previews skeletal animations
  • Allows tweaking around the animation time

The GUI interface is similar to (the outdated viewer) LexiView.
For more information refer to the OGRE forum thread.




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Info For questions and disucssions also use the Forum Thread of Ogre Meshy

Alias: wxOgreMeshViewer