ButtonGUI is a small -GUI library, written by the OGRE user metaldev with the intention of replacing BetaGUI. Deciding which of them is actually better, is of course up to you!

The idea behind ButtonGUI is to join the positive aspects of both: The intuitiveness of using Navi with the ease of implementation of BetaGUI + some extra features:

  • dynamic button parenting
  • use 3D geometry on your buttons
  • can define optional separate materials for onClick, onRelease, mouseOver, mouseOff
  • reporting of buttons dropped on other buttons

Check this post here for more detailed information.

If you find bugs / need support / have something to add, please use the forum of www.lfagames.com.

For Mogre there was a port called MButtonGui. Later the code was largely extended and different to ButtonGUI. So developer smiley80 renamed it to Miyagi.