This is the Wiki home for the new and improved Ogre Theora Video Plugin.

With this plugin, you can stream Ogg Theora video files in your 3D application.
Frames are extracted and copied onto a texture and audio is abstracted out and can be used as eg. OgreAL::Sound, FMOD, or your custom audio system.

This Wiki is designed to provide as much information about the plugin use and development as humanly possible. If you want to edit/write articles, read the Ogre Handbook first.

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  • Binary releases - Get the latest compiled versions of the plugin
  • Setup - How to setup the plugin library and materials
  • Materials - Material file documentation
  • Shaders - How to enable hardware accelerated YUV -> RGB conversion and use your own shaders
  • Reporting Bugs - They're not bugs, they're features :-) But for the fun of it, lets point them out.

Demos & Tutorials


  • Roadmap - What's left to do for the next release
  • Compiling Instructions - Here you can find detail instruction how to compile the plugin
  • Contribute - How to Contribute/Join the project
  • Links - If you want to know more{SPLIT}


  • About - Short information about the project & links
  • Encoding - How to convert your Video files to Theora
  • Benchmark - Useful plugin performance analysis
  • How it works - How Theora Video plugin works
  • Use examples - Use videos to create a wide range of effects



February 14th 2010

I've optimized the code a bit, simplified the frame transfer code by introducing BGR output mode into Theora Playback library.
I'll work on the code in the following weeks, to make sure everything works. I'll fix the remaining demos and release 1.0 RC1 SDK.

Also, this is the last news entry that is entered via the wiki, all future news will be posted on sourceforge's news page.

January 13th 2010
I've begun working on the new ogrevideo plugin, Basically it will be an interface between libtheoraplayer and Ogre.
I intend to develop on Ogre 1.6; Ogre 1.7 port (if necessary) will be done in the future.
Expect a RC1 release after the new interface is complete.
Those of you who prefer using the old version, you can find it in the SVN at branches/monolith or trunk revision 96.

January 4th 2010

libtheoraplayer 1.0 RC1 has just been released, once 1.0 is released, I'll make a wrapper for ogre as promised.

have a look at . You'll find the 1.0 RC1 SDK with five compiled demo programs to wet your appetite ;)