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How to use the Ogre Wiki

This section is dedicated to enable you to learn and master the Tiki wiki syntax and the other wiki editing tools, such as wiki plugins and styles.

The syntax might seem daunting at first, especially if you're used to MediaWiki syntax, but don't despair. smile

Once you get to understand the basics of what's going on, you'll probably realise that the Tiki way of wiki'ing is powerful, easy and flexible.

Syntax Basic Syntax

The basics of wiki formatting: font styles, lists, headings, etc.

Drag Drop Image Images

How to add images to your wiki pages. And how to style them.

Pages and Structures Pages and Structures

How do I add a page? Where do I add it? What about child pages? And move/promote/demote in structures?

Wiki Plugins Wiki Plugins

Covers the most common wiki plugins, like CODE, BOX, DIV, SPLIT, FANCYTABLE, LEX and TRANSCLUDE.
This is where wiki editing gets fun! smile

Advanced Wiki Edit Advanced Tiki Editing

Tricks of the wiki edit trade. And more ...
Do This

Click the Help button on the Tiki edit toolbar:
It's got help for Tiki syntax and the various Tiki plugins.

Alias: Help:OgreWiki Handbook