TheoraVideoPlugin Compiling        


Before you can compile the plugin and demos, you'll need the following libraries compiled

Ogg,Vorbis and Theora

Downloading and compiling these libraries is a straightforward process, on Windows, open up the solution file in Visual Studio and build. Be sure to build Release versions to maximize performance of the plugin.

Download the latest stable source packages from Xiph downloads page.


The plugin uses C++ Portable types library (ptypes) for threading.
Download and compile the latest stable version (2.1.1 at the time of writing this) as a static multithreaded library.

Theora Video Plugin

To obtain the latest trunk version of the plugin's source, do a SVN checkout


Folder organisation

To simplify dependencies on Microsoft Windows , include and lib directories, I suggest copying dependencies include folders and lib files to TheoraVideoPlugin/ include and lib folder:

libogg/include/ogg -> TheoraVideoPlugin/include/ogg libvorbis/include/vorbis -> TheoraVideoPlugin/include/vorbis libtheora/include/theora-> TheoraVideoPlugin/include/theora ptypes-2.1.1/include -> TheoraVideoPlugin/include/ptypes libogg.lib, libvorbis.lib, libtheora.lib, ptypes.lib -> TheoraVideoPlugin/lib

Compiling order

compile the libraries in the following order: ogg, vorbis, theora, ptypes, TheoraVideoPlugin, demos (optional)


The plugin project configuration assumes you have either the Ogre SDK or a self-compiled version. Either way, it's your job to set Ogre's include and lib directories for compilation.


Theora library has recently introduced SSE and SSE2 optimizations which improve decoding speed but is incompatible with older hardware. It's up to you to decide whether you want to use them.


Open up the solution file, select a target (Debug, Release etc) and build.


No official compiling scripts available yet.


No official compiling scripts available yet.