So, you want to join the project eh? Think you have what it takes to live on the edge? To have a crazy look in your eyes every morning, dangle with evil forces and do some coding in between?

If your answer is Yes, then this page should provide the information you need :-)


I've tried my best to write as much documentation as possible so new developers wouldn't have to go through all the pain I did when I first started hacking the plugin.
The best way to start contributing is to write some articles on the wiki, improve/update current ones as you go through the process of understanding the code.

Demos and tutorials

Writing demos and tutorials is a good place to start. The more examples the better.


If you've encountered a bug, reporting it is a good start, but fixing them would be even better.
If you manage to trace and fix the bug, please send a patch or attach it in the bug report so it can be applied.


  • YUV conversion functions in TheoraVideoDriver.cpp could use more optimizations. using SSE/SSE2 or MMX could be a good idea, but be sure to wrap them in #ifdef blocks for platform independence.

Getting SVN Commit access

If you want to join the development team, the best way is to start doing some patches or beg us for acceptance :-)