PrefabType         a special type of entity

PrefabType is an enumerator of the SceneManager class, which allows an easy creation of shapes.
Available are the types plane, cube and spere.
These are useful for visual testing purpose by tiny code additions code.

To create a shape, refer the related enum as parameter to the instruction SceneManager::createEntity(). The returned Entity contains the wanted shape.

Disadvantage: You have no control over the vertices and texture coordinates.
For dynamic creation of more complex 3D objects you can use ManualObject or the Ogre Procedural Geometry Library.



Example code

// Create a prefab plane
Entity* planeEnt = sceneMgr->createEntity("Plane", SceneManager::PT_PLANE);

// Give the plane a texture

// Attach the 2 new entities to the root of the scene

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