OGRE Toolbox        

Authors: Mr. Turner
Project: External Project (ogretoolbox)
Type: Standalone Application
Supported Platforms: Linux, Windows
Sources: Sourceforge.net
Binaries: SourceForge.net
Status and bug reports: OGRE Forums Thread

Project state: outdated (last update in 2005)

Editor for the dot scene format.


  • Create, Open, Save a scene
  • Add and delete nodes
  • Rotate, move, scale nodes manually and with controls
  • Create and attach entities to a node
  • Create and attach lights to a node
  • Detach objects from a node
  • Edit properties of lights and entities (basic)
  • Command line (Open with in Windows)
  • support for lights.
  • a Movable Objects tab for creating and editing entities and lights without attaching them to a node.
  • a proper about screen


  • Controls: r for rotate, m for move and s for scale
  • Movement: drag left mousebutton for x and y axes drag with both mousebuttons for the z axis
  • You can attach/detach by doubleclicking on a node in the tree.
  • To add/delete a node right click on a item in the tree.
  • You have to copy all the directories from ogrenew/samples/Media to the Media directory in the zip. I excluded it to save you guys some bandwidth.