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About me<br />

<br /> I'm a student from Germany and use Mogre for a research project.<br /> <br /> I like to work with Ogre/Mogre since summer 2007. Also I'm happy about the great Ogre community, whose members give support in the forum and add useful content to the wiki.<br /> <br /> So I want to contibute my own experiences back to the community, especially by updating and extending the wiki. I'm surprised about myself how many hours I spend for wiki work. The previous wiki software counted about 1500 edits. Well, this is my way to support my community.<br /> <br /> Messages to me are possible by forum pm or e-mail to <u>beautyod at gmx .de</u><br /> <small>(In e-mail subjects the word "Ogre" should be included. Then it can't be marked as spam.)</small><br />
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<br /> If you like to see some photos about my India trip and other topics look here:<br /><br /> <br /> Further photos are here:<br /><br /> <br />

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My project<br />

<br /> It's a visualization environment for underwater vehicles which are navigated by external behavior simulators (e.g. implemented with Matlab/Simulink). Additionally my project simulates underwater sensors (e.g. sonar) which perform measurement inside of the virtual 3D world. The simulated sensor data will be sent back to the vehicle simulators and are used for navigation and inspection purpose. <br /> For measurement simulation the project uses my self developed library by help of Ogre ray query (on polygon level) and collision detection by the Newton physics library. More technical details you find here.<br /> <br /> In 2009 my project was presented on the international marine related conference COMPIT (Hungary) and got an award for one of the best publication of the conference. <br /> In 2011 I got an invitation to present my project on the 3D conference Go-3D in Germany. A good way for Ogre advertisement (-;<br /> <br />
<br /> Online-Publications:<br />
  • Flyer about my project (German)<br />
  • Student research paper about 3D visualization, Ogre and import of VRML models (German)<br />
  • COMPIT conference paper with focus on sonar simulation (look at page 150..164, size: 50MB) (English)<br />
  • Video about my maritime research department (German)<br />
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