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Hopefully this page may turn into a popular place for tools users. Tools authors are encouraged to update their tools pages :-)


These are the effects that where applyed to screenshots (Photoshop 5.5):

  • Open image, crop the window.
  • Image|Canvas Size -> +40 pixels to width and height.
  • Select the window, copy and paste.
  • Layer|Effects|Parallel Shadow (translated from spanish)


  • Image|Size -> Set width to 350 pixels (or whatever you may want :-))

Modelers Icons

Icons may have a minimum height of 34 pixels


Is it ok if I re-organize the page alphabetically? Jubei 06:07, 9 March 2009 (UTC)

I would leave it like this, because the most important ones are on top of this page, the others below them. I totally makes sense to me as it is right now. Spacegaier

Most important maybe depents to the view of every user. Generally we could sort it (the boxes, not the exporters). But I think on this page people find the wanted exporter quickly. Maybe we can add a sorted table of content to the top of the page. Just an idea, but not really necessary I think. But thanks for your offer to help in the wiki (-
Like Beauty said most important depends on the user. Most important is always what that particular user is looking for at the time! The idea is what helps people find what they're looking for faster and I think that's alphabetical. Jubei 07
37, 13 March 2009 (UTC)

I would spend the time on pages that are really awfull and were you can't find anything (key word how to's). This page we are discussing about, has boxes and images, so it has a clear structure and finding an exporter is a question of ten seconds and as the most user will search for the common ones (which are on top), I don't see any reason to change something here. There are other pages that need a restructuring more urgently. Just my two cents - spacegaier 09:22, 13 March 2009 (UTC)
I think spacegaier has good thougths. Jubei, it's great that you want to help in the wiki. If you need some tasks, you can look to User Beauty Scratchpad. Maybe you find something interesting to do. If a task of my list is done, you can remove it. Also you find suggestions in the [http
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