Author: Veritable Soft (released to the community under the MIT license)
Project: OGRE Add-on Project (RmOgreExporter)
Type: Plug-in
Documentation: ReadMe
Sources: OGRE Addons SVN
Binaries: OGRE Addons Downloads Area
Status and bug reports: OGRE Forum Thread

This addon project is dedicated to the development of an Ogre plugin for ATI's RenderMonkey shader IDE.

Current capabilities

  • Export .material, .program scripts and shaders .source to the Ogre format

Work in progress

  • Import Ogre .mesh files into RenderMonkey (MrCarbohydrate)

Todo list

Here's a list of improvement ideas. Feel free to add your own, or of course start working on something! (then please move/add the feature to the Work in Progress section with your name)

  • More flexibility to export scripts (different directories, different material names, ...)
  • Persistence of the export options in the workspace file
  • More variable types supported by Ogre (camera in world space, ambient light color, ...)
  • Project files for more IDEs

Building from source

You can checkout the project from the Ogre CVS repository at ogreaddons/RmOgreExporter. Currently, there is only a project file for Visual C++ 7.1. You'll need to sort out a couple of dependencies before being able to build the project, and define some environment variables to the dependencies path :

  • RenderMonkey 1.6 SDK : this should have been installed with RenderMonkey (but you had an option to skip it!). You must define a RM_PATH variable pointing to the main RenderMonkey directory.
  • Loki : a library for design patterns implementation. Create a LOKI_PATH environment variable with its directory.
  • Boost : a big set of libraries for... lots of things (I/O, threads, formatting...). You don't need to go through all the build process, as the plugin uses only the headers. Create a BOOST_PATH variable pointing on the directory.

If you launch RenderMonkey from Visual C++ with a debug build of the plugin, you should be able to hit breakpoints into the source and debug more easily.

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