What is Joof?

Joof (Just an Ogre tOols Front end) is a wxwidgets front end for OgreXmlConverter and MeshUpgrade that will simplify work with them. For the moment Joof is at release 0.2.3 and only for Windows!

If you need informations, report bugs or want to criticize it, please post here

Features list

  • Multiple Ogre command line versions management (from Ogre 1.2.0 to Ogre 1.4.3)
  • Multiple files conversion and upgrade at the same time
  • All tool options accessible (for OgreXmlConverter and OgreMeshUpgrade)

How to get and use it

You can download the latest version here

  • Extract it and launch "Joof.exe"
  • Go into "Settings" and define the directories of the different versions of OgreCommandLine tools you have
  • Select an action
  • Select files and folders
  • Set Options by double clicking on a file or change all options at the same time in the choice box
  • Launch treatment!


To 0.3

  • Integration of libxml
  • Allow OgreXml validation with .dtd
  • Integration of all .dtd for Ogre 1.0.0 to last version

To 0.4

  • Html help files
  • MeshMagick support


Joof changelog


For the moment Joof is not Open Source but it's completly free!

Joof license


  • Joof is only tested on Window XP
  • It is tested with Ogre command line tools 1.2.0 RC2 to 1.4.3