Joof changelog        


  • Bug fix : when you change name, log name is changed too now
  • Code : Little code review
  • Function : Joof can now convert meshes and skeletons to Ogre xml


  • Code review (duplicated code in a simple function)
  • Function : Settings can be reset
  • Support of 1.0.x removed (too much bugs and not enought options)
  • Tested with Ogre command line tools 1.2.0RC2 to 1.4.3


  • Code review
  • Bug fix : Settings don't save changes if cancel
  • Bug fix : Mesh conversion load "o" option now
  • Bug fix : Mesh file selection for an upgrade is working now
  • Bug fix : Error logs can be selected and read now
  • Code : Meshes and skeletons conversion are in separated modes (better selection and less code ...)
  • Code : Support of Ogre 1.4.3


  • Code : Joof is completly rewritten
  • Bug fix : Target Ogre version was not correctly loaded in options window
  • Errors management : Can't launch a treatement without having a Ogre version in tempory
  • Errors management : Joof can't destroy old meshes when MeshUpgrade is launched
  • Errors management : Joof can't launch save options without having a Ogre version
  • Bug fix : Better skeleton management (Joof did not correctly load skeletons into temporary files before)
  • Errors management : OgreXmlConverter and OgreMeshUpgrade detection in settings
  • Errors management : Limit LOD percents to 99 max
  • Better logs management (Upgrade logs are named and saved in logs dir)
  • Each treatment delete old logs now
  • Function : You can read logs now into Joof after a treatment