OgreMax Scene Exporter        
IMPORTANT: This exporter is no longer being developed. Use Easy Ogre Exporter instead

Author: Derek Nedelman
Project: OgreMax Scene Exporter
Type: Plug-in
Supported Versions: 2015/2014/2013/2012/2011/2010, Maya 2015/2014/2013/2012/2011/2010, Ogre 1.8/1.7.x
Home Page: www.ogremax.com


The OgreMax Scene Exporter exports scenes to the .scene format. In addition, it includes two viewer applications, scene loading source code, documentation, and sample scenes.


Exporter Features

  • Scene Export
    • Nodes
    • Cameras
    • Lights
    • Entities
    • Meshes
    • Custom user data
    • Track/look targets
    • Environment (sky box, sky dome, sky plane, environment range, fog, ambient color, shadow settings)
    • Billboard sets and billboards
    • Planes
    • Externals
    • Terrain (using a scene stand-in)
    • Particle systems (using a scene stand-in)
    • Scene node animation
    • Note tracks
    • Models (describes a collection of objects)
  • Mesh Export
    • Pose animation. Supports the Morpher modifier
    • Morph animation. Any type of animation can be exported as a morph
    • Skeleton animation. Supports the Skin and Physique (Character Studio) modifiers
    • Export as triangles, points or lines (visible edges)
    • Vertex colors
    • Normals
    • Texture coordinates
    • Submeshes (for multi-submaterials)
    • Level-of-detail (LOD) generation
    • XML and binary formats
    • Automatic mesh instances
  • Material export
    • Custom Ogre material type and a real time material viewer
    • Full Ogre material support when using custom Ogre material type
    • Custom Ogre material integrates with the 3DS Max "render to texture" feature, making it easy to create and use precalculated lighting maps
  • Bitmap export
    • Copy/convert scene bitmaps to output directory
  • Custom Scene Viewports
    • Preview scene objects and their animations in real-time
    • OgreMax material changes shown instantly within viewports
    • Create as many viewports as you want, either embedded within the standard viewports or free-floating above the main user interface
  • Other features
    • Terrain height and color map generation
    • Cube map generation
    • Video-file to image-files conversion
    • Custom helper type

Viewer Features

  • Loads .scene, .model, .mesh and .zip files
  • Look through any scene camera.
  • Available for Windows, OS X, Android, iOS, and Ouya.

Alias: OgreMax_Scene_Exporter