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Pages and Structures
How to add pages and handle structures
Each and every page on this wiki (save two) lives in a structure. After reading this page you'll learn how to add pages and understand how pages and structures work together.


Adding Pages

To add a page go to where you want to add the page, and add by entering its name into the textbox in the structure header and click 'Add Page':

Add Page

Let's add a child page of our newly created page.

In the textbox in the structure header give it a name, and make sure to check 'Child':

Add Child Page

Adding new pages is easy, so let's add a page more:

Add Another Child Page

Tip_icon.png Do not check 'Child' as we don't want it to be a child of our child page!

Let's go back to our 'mother' page to see how it looks:

Pages So Far

As you can see, there is now two child pages of our page 'New Page'.
(If no pages show, insert a 'toc' tag: {toc})

We realise that we've forgotten a page between 'Child Page 1' and 'Child Page 2'...
Let's add it, shall we?

Go to 'Child Page 1' and click 'Add Page' - again without checking 'Child':

Add Yet Another Child Page

Back at our mother page - 'New Page' - we can see that the newly added page was added correctly:

Pages So Far 2

The rules are:

  • If you're adding a page as a 'Child' page (by checking the 'Child' checkbox) it is added as the last child page of the mother page.
  • If you're adding a page without checking 'Child', it will be added after the page you're 'standing' on.

Click the structure view icon Image in the structure header to go into structure view mode:

Structure Modify

That's how the underlying structure of 'Sandbox Structure' looks like now.

Editing Pages



Go into 'edit mode'.
Enter the 'Properties' tab.
And find the 'Description' textbox.
Enter a short, descriptive (do'h) description and save the page.

Keep in mind that the descriptions are also used for link descriptions on various overview pages, like on the Tutorials page.
Hover your mouse pointer over the link to see the description rendered as a HTML title. ;)

Multi-paged Pages


It's three dots, the word 'page' and three dots.


Move Pages

  1. Click the structure layout view icon on the structure header: Image
  2. Use the arrow buttons in the structure view (Image Image )
  3. If you need to move it far, it would probably be faster to remove the page from the structure.
  4. You then select a page in the structure tree, and it will be added after that.

make a page a child of another page in a structure?

  1. Enter the structure layout view by clicking the Image icon in the structure header.
  2. If the page is just after the page you want to be a parent, just use the demote button (Image ).
  3. If it's not, move it around - and then demote it. wink

Add Existing Pages

  1. On the structure header, click the structure view button: Image
  2. In the structure view, click on the page link where you want the page to be added (it will be added after that page).
  3. Select the page in the list of pages - would be a good idea to use the Filter option; just enter the name of the page there.
  4. Select the page in the page listbox and click 'Update'.
  5. The page should be added to the structure.

You might need to promote/demote the page, or move it up/down.

Do This
thumb_up.gif Do use the Sandbox Structure to get a feel for working with structures.