Wiki Ideas         Things which could go into the Ogre Wiki
Things which could go into the Ogre Wiki

Status: What? Where? How?
? Translate Ogre Wiki into various language (like Wikipedia) Here. It would be convenient for people who don't speak English Add list of languages on the website
? Configuration like the Ogre demos this would be cool rip off the configuration code from the OgreBites demo code
? Switch between scenes often asked snippet or tutorial
? Add OgreModelConfigurator to the Tools structure. Forum Topic Infopage
? Ogre as an FLTK2 Widget Forum Topic Snippet
? Ogre at fixed frame rate Forum Topic Snippet
? Getting Vector3 from Quaternion? Forum Topic Snippet
? Add FxOgreMaxExporter to the Tools structure Forum Topic Infopage
? New, new DotSceneLoader Forum Topic Snippet
? Impossible event class? how to change return type w/ string?
(Needs a name)
Forum Topic Snippet
? Kojack: 'I just wrote some code to intercept messages
before the ogre winproc about an hour ago. Here's what I did.
Forum Topic Snippet
? How to make a quad represent a line, with thickness Forum Topic Snippet
? Component Based Objects (An Epic Topic!) Forum Topic Put me in an important
List of Links
? Introduction to C++ with Game Development
- 20 part series
link Put in a list