How to Create a Template in VSC# 2008 Express Edition

Getting Started


To successfully use this tutorial it is expected that you have all the necessary Mogre Downloads (available here: Mogre Basic Tutorial 0). Also, you are definantly expected to have VSC# 2008 Express Edition (available here: Download).


In this tutorial we will go over how to create templetes in VSC# 2008 EE. This task, although simple, can allow you to spend a bit less time when creating a new game/application.

Creating the Template

Step 1- Making sure you have everything

Did you remember to follow the instructions in the Mogre Basic Tutorial 0? If not, then create/recreate that application (and of course make sure it works :-) ). NOTE- You will have to have saved this project already.

Step 2- Everything Else

Step 2.1

You should be here right now

At this point, you have the basic program itself set up.

Step 2.2

From here, click "File","Export Template" (Found right below "Save All").

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Step 2.3

The next step is to select "Project Template." After that select the file that the Template will use. NOTE- The file that is selected should be the Project's file. If you have the project still open (which you should), then it should automatically select the correct file.

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Then click "Next."

Step 2.4

The next step is to select an icon for your project (red outline) (if you want a different icon that is), type in a name for your templete (yellow outline), and, of course, create a description for your templete (blue outline).

Then all you have to do is click "Finish" and you have a templete that you can reuse!!!


This is just meant to help spped up the process by enabling you to not have to create a new application and go through all the steps to create a new Mogre application/game.

A example is available to download from here: BasicMogreSetup
Or, attached to this page:

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Alias: How to Create a Templete in VSC