CEGUI Mesh Viewer        

Authors: Pablo 'Falkon' D. Buiras, Paul 'Tuan Kuranes' Cheyrou-Lagrèze
Project: OGRE Add-on Project (ceguimeshviewer)
Type: Standalone Application
Supported Platforms: Linux, Windows
Documentation: ReadMe
Sources: OGRE Addons CVS, Tuan Kuranes's site
Binaries: OGRE Tools Downloads Area, Tuan Kuranes's site
Status and bug reports: OGRE Forums Thread
Latest version: related to Ogre 1.7

It is made to be integrated on you Ogre SDK and read your resources.cfg to provide group/mesh/material selector.

Features List :

  • {LEX()}Mesh{LEX} Optimisation (index cache, buffers build edge, tangent)
  • All information possible on a -Mesh are accessible
  • Skeletal Animation, Pose Animation player
  • Animation Optimizer
  • Bone list, skeletal display
  • {LEX()}LOD{LEX} Generation
  • Material Texture Previewer.
  • ATI Tootle visibility vertex optimiser.

Alias: CEGUI_Mesh_Viewer