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Library Name Type Maintainer License Author Startdate Source Name Source URL Download Name Download URL Website Name Website URL Forum Name Forum URL Documentation Name Documentation URL Issue Tracker Name Issue Tracker URL Status Description Logo Maturity Latest version Latest stable Screenshot1 Screenshot 1 Description Screenshot2 Screenshot 2 Description Dependencies ID
QuickGUI QuickGUI Library KungFooMasta LGPL KungFooMasta 27-August-2007 10.01 QuickGUI Forum Active An Easy to use, but Powerful GUI System Stable 10.01 Ogre 1.6+
ETM ETM - Editable Terrain Manager Plugin CABAListic GPL w runtime exception CABAListic wiki wiki wiki Ogre Forum Topic Overview Retired Real-time editable terrain manager Stable v2.2
Ogitor Ogitor Tool Ismail Tarim and Ogitor Team (including jacmoe, spacegaier, ...) MIT Ismail Tarim Ogitor Mercurial Repository Sourceforge Download Ogitor Forum Ogitor Wiki Ogitor Bugitor Active Ogitor is a fully featured scene builder for Ogre, with an flexible plugin architecture to easily extend Ogitor to suit your needs and requirements. Beta 0.5.0 0.4.3