hi Rocifier
i am a new user of ogre and i have read your tutorial :Managing Game States with OGRE so i have a little confuse of the code in the class of GameManager

void GameManager::setupResources(void)

    // load resource paths from config file
    ConfigFile cf;

    // go through all settings in the file
    ConfigFile::SectionIterator seci = cf.getSectionIterator();

    String secName, typeName, archName;
    while (seci.hasMoreElements())
        secName = seci.peekNextKey();
        ConfigFile::SettingsMultiMap *settings = seci.getNext();
        ConfigFile::SettingsMultiMap::iterator i;
        for (i = settings->begin() ; i != settings->end() ; ++i)
            typeName = i->first;
            archName = i->second;
                archName, typeName, secName);


when i complie your code i found that a error says "unable to derive resource group for xxx.mesh" so could you please tell me where should i place the media folder which contain the mesh file?
thank you very much!