My name is Phillip - I have been using the name pjcast since the mid-nineties when I signed up for a yahoo account (the name phillip was taken already.. damn)

I discovered Ogre as many others have. First, I bought several books about making 3D games (although, I started back in the early Dos Days - but, took a break after I graduauted High School.. well, not really a break, but some years in the Navy). Anyway, tried my hand at my own ugly hand crafted 3D Engine - it worked, but not elegently.

So, i searched out on the internet. I ran across Ogre, irrlicht, Torque, etc.. But, out of all of them, Ogre looked the most promising. I will admit, that I never tried any other engine (well, besides playing around with the demos). Once I started using Ogre I was hooked.

I have been hacking away at Ogre for over two years now - and am still unfamiliar with a lot of it. However, during this time I have been keeping busy with school and have yet to make a game. But I have contributed in many ways to Ogre. Via patches, Video Plugin, an Input lib which plugs into Ogre seemlessly, and provided much forum support.

Work in progress Resume:
(I am always interested in job proposals, feel free to PM, e-mail, whatever me :-))

My latest project is WGE. Check my site for details.