Author: Steve 'sinbad' Streeting
Project: External Project (Torus Knot Software Ltd)
Type: OGRE Library
Supported Platforms: Windows
Home Page: OgreSpeedTree

OgreSpeedTree is a commercial library from my company Torus Knot Software Ltd, designed to make it ridiculously easy to get awesome looking trees created with SpeedTree tools running fast in your Ogre applications.


  • Gets realistic looking forests into your Ogre application with very little code
  • Supports very large Forests with a progressive level of detail & batching system, meaning that close up you'll see incredibly detailed, normal-mapped trees while still being able to support a large draw distance
  • GPU-based wind support
  • Customised shaders supporting typical outdoor lighting models, integrated with Ogre's material system
  • Dynamic shadow casting
  • Written from the ground up to integrate tightly with the Ogre codebase, meaning existing Ogre code & plugins can co-operate with SpeedTree rendering
  • Full source code available