The Ogre community will be running contests on a monthly basis. The main goal with these contests is to make use of Ogre in a very specific way, allowing Ogre users to develop small solutions or demos in a very small time frame. Thus, a single developer should be able to finish it in 6-8 hours approximately.

As some extras, the participants get feedback of their skills, think innovative yet efficient ways to complete the task, and polish (or refresh) their Ogre knowledgement.

The communty itself will benefit from these contests as it will be able to use those solutions in their specific context, as well as being a good showcase of Ogre capabilities as well.

Basic rules

These are the rules of the contest:

  • The entry must be multiplatform, supporting the platforms Ogre does. This includes using multiplatform shader languages.
  • The source must be implemented on the provided framework developed explicitely for these contests.
  • The Ogre version the entries will run on is 1.4.0 (codenamed Eihort). In order to help stability and equality, no "under-development" features are allowed (Shoggoth, Tindalos, CVS HEAD) at this moment. Dagon isn't allowed either, unless it runs fine without tweaks under Eihort as well.
  • The game will be evaluated <u>by a rolling board/through a forum poll</u>.
  • The evaluation criteria is visuals above everything else (sound, physics... if used).
  • Winners will be exposed in a Hall of fame page, <u>including a ranking with the cummulative qualifications</u>. Certain contests might be sponsored with some extra prizes, though that's neither confirmed nor a must.

These rules may be overriden by certain contests' specifics (for instance, a demo highlighting a particular feature of the CVS HEAD version)


To be revised & discussed

As a requirement to participate in the contests, the participants must agree that


A link and usage instructions for the framework where the entries should be based upon


Unless specifically stated, no external dependencies are allowed, unless:

  • They are contained in the source itself: No extra downloads or installations.
  • They have an LGPL-compatible license.

For instance, a good candidate dependency would be TinyXML.

Contests archive

Links to the previous contests' pages, as well as a link to the current one. I propose one wiki page per mini-contest, to explain it in detail and linking to the entries, plus the results once finished