Yaose is a text editor for Ogre script files.

Author: Ruud v A
Current version: 2.1
Next version: 3.0
License:: GPL
help Help: forum topic


  • Syntax highlighting
  • Code suggestions
  • Argument hints
  • Easy inserting colours with colour dialog
  • Intellisense for inheriting and variables
  • Scanning import files if the file is saved
  • Regex find/replace
  • Undo support
  • Automatic brackets creation
  • Automatic and smart indention
  • Any file format which follows the "OgreSyntax" can be added easily (by XML config files)


  • Yaose 2.1
  • Yaose 3 (alpha) - report bugs in the forum
  • Possibly newer downloads can be found on the project website
  • Version 2 requires .NET Framework 3.5
  • Note: Yaose 2 is free, but closed source. As of November 2011, Yaose is free software. Versions afterα are open source, released under the GPL.

Historic background

Written by the project author
I used to edit my .material files with notepad. Then I began to wonder, isn't there a tool that supports syntax highlighting for .material files? I searched but I didn't find something good. Only WYSIWYG editors and the Google summer of code project. That supports syntax highlighting for material files, but I couldn't find a download location. So I wrote my own.

You just have to try to realise how powerful Yaose is :-).

Yaose is not very fast. This means that it becomes slow when working with large files like Example.material.

I probably made some typos while converting the manual to a format that Yaose can understand. There are probably other bugs to. If you find one, please report it. Suggestions are also welcome!

Have fun and let me know what you think.

Version 3, a complete rewrite in C++ using Qt, is a lot faster, and can handle large files like Example.material. Besides that, the intelligent suggestions have become a lot more intelligent and powerful.


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