Author: f_RED
Project: External Project
Type: Standalone Application
Supported Platforms: Linux, Windows
Sources: f_RED's site
Binaries: f_RED's site
Status and bug reports: OGRE Forums Thread

~~#C00:Project status: outdated (last update in ~2006)~~

Vision v0.0.1 Quick manual

  • Resource panel :
    • View all resources currently available in Ogre.
    • You can sort resources by type or name or size ...
    • Double click on a mesh file to see it in render panel

  • Scene graph :
    • View the scene graph of the scene
    • Select node or entity in scene and set property to it in properties panel

  • Property :
    • Display properties for the current selection of the scene graph

  • Render :
    • Left click -> translate left/right up/down
      • control -> smoother translate
    • Left click + shift -> forward / backward
      • control -> smoother translate
    • Right click -> Rotate camera ( 1st person )
    • Right click + Alt -> Rotate object

  • Message
    • Various message from vision and Ogre of course

  • Resource dialog :
    • Set location path for your resource
      • (+FS add a filesystem ... actually you must choice a file to get his directory)
      • (+Ar add a ZIP file)
    • You must refresh your resource to get new resource (scene is destroyed)

A lot of stuff must be implemented ... It's a bit a quick'n dirty version :o)

(c) 2006 f_RED