Personal facts

Real name: Jesús Alonso<BR> Date of birth: 20th of December of 1980<BR> Location: Burgos (Spain)<BR> Studies: CS studies (Bachelor degree)<BR> Previous works: In Progress :P<BR>


Contact info

kenchoweb @ hotmail . com (remember to remove the spaces ;) )<BR>

The Kencho nickname

Why Kencho?

Since I was a child, I was called "Chencho" in my family scope. Many time ago, I was called "Ketchup" (because it sounds like "Jesús" in spanish - false). As I always loved everything japanese-related, some friends of me found that the fusion of "Ketchup" and "Chencho" sounded japanese-like, so I nicely adopted "Kencho" as my nickname.

What does it mean?

I asked a good japanese friend of me for some ideas about the kanji transcription of Kencho. Many of them were proposed, but I found one specially cool: Wise bird. The kanji writting for Kencho is 賢鳥. Its actual Hepburn transcription is "Kenchou" and its pronunciation is something like /kenchoh/.

Information about the word "Kencho"

Though google returns many results when searching for "Kencho" or "賢鳥", I haven't found nothing really relevant to the actual 賢鳥 name. Regarding "Kencho", you'll find that there was a period in the Japanese history named Kencho. There is a Kencho temple too there (the Kencho-ji temple). And many personal and company hits for Kencho.
Google returns 15,200 results for "Kencho" and 266 for "賢鳥"

What have I done for OGRE?

I'm not a good programmer, so I haven't directly contributed to OGRE itself. So I do the only thing I can: Help the community.

I try to help as much as I can, replying questions in the forums and the IRC. I also submitted some tests I did for myself but found useful for others (DOF, motion blur, stereo vision effects...).

I've also written some articles for this wiki: