OgreWikiBot is running now!

Hello toghether,

As I personally think that a wiki is really important for a programming community as we are one, I decided to work on it and improve it as much as I can.

Therefore I tried to get a bot running on this wiki to do all the stuff, that can be automated. It is based on the pyWikipediaRobot-Framework and is still in the testing phase, but at least it runs.

The bot has an own user, called OgreWikiBot. Everything covering its work should be either posted here (if it is related to the WikiBot project) or on its user page if it's not related to this project.

I would also welcome any kind of critics or suggestions concerning the work and usage of this robot.

Best regards - spacegaier

Working productively now

Testing phase is now over.

The bot is working productively now, meaning he is not working on test page any longer. He has cleaned up the first pages yet, and fixed all redirects in the wiki.

BUT: He is not running in automatic mode, meaning that every changing attempt has either to be approved by me or is checked by me after proceding!

Best regards - spacegaier