Talk:WxOgre for OGRE v1.2        

Regarding the OnPaint event

I think the problems with the (outcommented) OnPaint-Event are related to the following section of the wxWidgets documentation of the wxPaintEvent:

<cite>Note that In a paint event handler, the application must always create a wxPaintDC object, even if you do not use it. Otherwise, under MS Windows, refreshing for this and other windows will go wrong.</cite>

<strike>I don't know what OS the original author used, but with my MS Windows XP, this is definitely true.</strike>
Since this currently only works with Windows... please ignore this :-)

So instead of:
void wxOgre::OnPaint(wxPaintEvent& event)
void wxOgre::OnPaint(wxPaintEvent& event)
    wxPaintDC dc(this);

and the event works as expected, at least for me.

Also, I noticed that OnEraseBackground and OnPaint are always called together, so I removed the OnEraseBackground-Event from my app. The documentation indicates that this is the case because on some plattforms the event is simulated and raised everytime OnPaint is raised. Since I work under Windows XP, it seems this OS is one of those...

Regards, Crayzee Ivan

Linux GTK Code Test

I tested the wxOgre class on linux and it does not work.

I have found that the value for window is always 0 after the following line of code:

GdkWindow * window = GetHandle()->window;

This would imply that is not initialized on startup and a recent discussion in this wxWidgets forum thread would seem to confirm this.

<cite>The problem is that in order to get a valid xid your window needs to be
realized first, and if its not then you need to connect to the realize
event and handle it there.</cite>

Regards, George