SoC2007 MaterialEditor         Material Editor - GSoC 2007

Summer of Code 2007: Material Editor

Student: Brian Hudson (Hudson)

Mentor: Casey Borders (CaseyB)

Location: CVS HEAD ogrenew/Tools/MaterialEditor

Status: Under Development (GSoC 2007 Ended)


GSoC 2007 has ended but development of this project has not. For more information and project updates please visit this project at its new home MaterialEditor.

Project Summary

In Ogre, all aspects of an objects visual appearance are encapsulated in a Material. The Ogre Material Framework is a robust system allowing the programmer to define one or more rendering passes and optionally techniques for degrading gracefully based on a number of factors such as system hardware and/or level of detail.

The goal of this project is to develop an editor for Ogre’s Material Framework. The Ogre Material Editor will provide the developer with Material Script and Shader editors, and allow them to enable/disable Passes and Techniques enabling rapid prototyping of new Materials. The Ogre Material Editor will be similar in appearance and functionality to the ATI RenderMonkey™ Toolsuite.

The entire project proposal can be read here.