Show Mesh        

Authors: Quentin 'Scrat' Bereau, John 'CpuWhiz' Martin
Project: External Project (Show Mesh)
Type: Standalone Application
Supported Platforms: Linux, Windows
Documentation: Install
Sources: Windows, Linux, Media (for use with source)
Binaries: Windows - SourceForge, OGRE Tools Downloads Area
Status and bug reports: OGRE Forums Thread

Version info: Outdated (last update in 2006)

Show Mesh is a {LEX()}mesh{LEX} viewer using Ogre and Qt. It allows the user to view 3D Ogre models and play with light, shadow, fog. It also allows the user to see the materials the model uses and see the bounding boxes and animations the model has.

You can rotate the entity by using WASD or the arrows.
You can move the camera by left clicking on the mouse
You can zoom by using the wheel
And you can change the direction of the camera by right clicking on the mouse

Display Options :

  • Solid / Wireframe / Points
  • {LEX()}LOD{LEX}
  • Bounding Boxes
  • Bones

Animation :

  • List Animations
  • Animation Playback

Materials :

  • View Materials
  • Switch Materials

Lighting :

  • Light Angle Control
  • Adjust Colors
  • Ambient / Direct Light

Shadow :

  • No Shadow / Stencil Modulative / Stencil Additive / Texture Modulative

Fog :

  • None / Exponential / Exponential 2 / Linear
  • Adjust Colors