ParticleFX plugin        
Screenshot of ((Particle Accelerator))
Screenshot of ((Particle Accelerator))

ParticleFX is an Ogre plugin, which is a part of the official Ogre source code. The compiled library name is ParticleFX.dll.

While Ogre itself contains a particle system, ParticleFX is the library which contains various optional emitters and affectors.

Emitter examples:

  • box
  • area
  • ellisoid
  • point
  • ring

Affector examples:

  • linear force
  • rotation
  • colour fader
  • deflector plane

To use this plugin you have to add the file Plugin_ParticleFX.dll to your project and refer it in the config file Plugins.cfg.


  • Allocate particles at the beginning. Avoid creating particle system at runtime.
  • Try achieving the desired effect minimizing the particle count. That can easily leads to huge slowdown.

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Alias: ParticleFX_plugin