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  • License LGPL
  • Status Halted
  • Dependencies Ogre 1.4+
  • Latest Version SVN trunk
  • Instructions none
  • Support none
  • Lead Developer Jacmoe
  • Start Date Wed May 11, 2005

OgreOpcode is an {LEX(pagename="Opcode")}OPCODE{LEX} Collision Detection Wrapper for Ogre.

OPCODE is a synonym for optimized collision detection.

The first place of information is the <not available at the moment>.

Source code and samples you find in the SVN.

See also

  • forum thread - an example code
  • forum thread - a code for rebuilding a hightmap terrain and generating a collision object for OgreOpcode (if I understood right)
  • Big o space - a game on sourceforge.net using Ogre and OPCODE